Jacket- Thrifted (£8)

Vest Top- Thrifted (£1)

Jeans- Thrifted/DIY (£2)

Trainers- Thrifted (£3)

Hello to another thrifted ensemble from head to toe. Let’s start by diverting your attention to my footwear..these are probably one of the ugliest pairs of trainers I’ve ever purchased in my life, and hand on heart I don’t think I’ve loved an item of footwear this much. I remember sending a picture of them to my sisters in our group chat and they were like “Please Maria, don’t get them!” but I couldn’t resist. I stayed away for a few days but whenever I went back to the thrift shop they kept whispering to me. Afterwards, I was like fuck it, and I never looked back.

I’m not going to lie they can be a little awkward to style, but I’m going to keep experimenting, baggy jeans or trousers seem to be the best option thus far- random fact: Mike Tyson had a pair of these too, so I guess I’ll be scrolling through Pinterest tonight to see what inspo I can get from him LMAO.