Jumper- Thrifted (£1)

Jeans- Thrifted (£1)

Trainers- Thrifted (£5)

Your favourite Aunt Gladys, circa 1991.

Throughout this entire shoot, I couldn’t stop laughing, I had literally adopted the persona of a middle-aged woman in the nineties, the stance, the hand in belt loops, everything. There were so many pictures to choose from only God knows how I managed to narrow it down to three. This look has to be in the top ten for ones I’ve pulled together in 2017, from finding another pair of disgusting trainers that I am head over heels in love with, to the starch jeans- mate the whole look is a major throwback.

Have to admit it was really nice wearing something that was extremely minimal. I purposely chose not to wear a jacket, but maybe a leather trench would be fitting, not sure if I’m quite ready to wear this look out about the town, but it’s definitely pending..