Cozy Girl: Shelly

Shell Suit- Blitz London

Air Max 95- Footlocker

It’s been so long since I uploaded a blogpost I legit forgot how to navigate myself, around the page. I took a very long and needed break, tbh I’m still kinda on the break but taking it easy..thankfully there are no dates so you guys can’t tell how long my gaps are in between posts LOL.

Anyhoo, this is the third part of the Cozy Girl series, there’s one more outfit but I need to find the pictures on my laptop somewhere and edit them fgs. This number is super simple but very loud- have to be honest, it only really looks good in pictures so I don’t know when or if I’ll have the balls to actually step out of the house in it, I mean come on its a purple iridescent tracksuit from the 1980’s what casual event will I be rocking that to please?

It was only acceptable in the 80’s.