Cozy Girl: Weekdays

Jacket- Thrifted (£6)

Jumper- 7th Elohim

Joggers- Nike Tech/Footlocker

Nike Air VaporMax- Footlocker

Well hopefully you’ve clocked by now that I’m starting a new Cozy Girl series thing because I was like you know what, let me just show you guys some of the things I throw together on a daily basis instead of always putting together looks and outfits that aren’t as ‘practical’. I want to inspire you guys all the time, but just as much be realistic, you know?

Alright so there was a point where I was like fuck this I can’t be bothered to dress up so I wore the same outfit for like 5 days in a row- we’ve all done it before, don’t even try to deny it LOL. This was the outfit. Just thought I’d throw in a baseball jersey to add a pop of colour innit.

This is UK winter, sometimes you have to sacrifice the garms for the sake of your health.