Dress- Thrifted (£5)

Boots- Pretty Little Thing

Fun fact: I had been planning this outfit for over a year. It seems quite basic but I bought the dress from a car boot sale aa while back, then only JUST took it to the dry cleaners to get it slightly altered. I had always envisioned wearing it with snakeskin thigh high boots, and I refused to try it on with anything else.

The day finally came.

I’d searched for python thigh-highs everywhere, legit uploaded pictures on my Instagram asking people where I could find them but nowhere had the right ones; and if they did, they were like £15,000 *upside down smiley emoji*. Low and behold Pretty Little Thing was harboring this gem. Fully saw someone wearing them on my socials and was like “There’s no way in hell I’m not going to get these”.

Long story short, I have them.