Out & About: Lamula Nassuna

lamula 6lamula 2 lamula 3lamula 5lamula 4 lamulaCant remember the last time I left the house with my camera in my bag, for casual purposes and not just for ‘work’. So it was really nice to actually go out and document somewhere I had been (because I go to cool places but my battery is usually on banter so it will commit suicide whenever it likes, or I have no space to take pictures..so it all becomes a distant memory *sigh*). Anyhooo, I went to a pop up shop for a really amazing designer Lamula Nassuna I’ve linked her name to her website, so click-click-click! I actually love the fact that her collection was inspired by afro hair (its synthetic don’t worry) with every garment having a meaningful story behind it. I honestly cannot recall the last time I felt a personal connection to clothes, as in I was reliving childhood memories and having crazy nostalgic moments as well as having an all black collection..doesn’t get better than that mate!

There is so much more to say about her masterpieces but I’ll let you guys actually look it up instead of giving it all away..super excited to see what else is in store!