New Additions: Magpie

Steadily trying to get back into the swing of incorporating other things on my blog that aren’t always ‘outfit related’, so I thought I’d pit stop and show you a handful of jewellery that I’ve recently bought. It’s kinda mad because I used to be OBSESSED in like 2015; every finger had a ring on it (“no Beyonce”. Omg that was so dead why am I not going back to delete it) and I basically used to walk around dripping in gold and diamonds- most probably fake but you know the deal innit. I think wearing earrings has become the biggest obstacle for me. From not wearing them for about 5 years to suddenly rocking huge bamboo knockers or ‘hoochie hoops’ I’ve basically gone from 0-100, I mean its not even that big a deal but I used to stretch my earlobes for such a long time this is a whole new territory I’m stepping into.

Well enough talking about this, it’s getting boring lol. Let’s just see if I actually wear them and not use them as props for blogposts like these..