Sherling Coat- Blitz London/Hyperkilo (£10)

Jumper – Thrifted (£1.50)

Camo Pants- Thrifted (£3)

Trainers- Vans Low Sk8

Louis Vuitton Bag- Thrifted (£2)


Okay so basically I have an addiction innt, like after I type this up I’m going to have to browse on Amazon to find a clothes rail because my fourth one has just collapsed under the pressure of the coats I own. #sigh

I couldn’t resist this one though I can’t even lie, the coats were all on sale for £10..TEN POUNDS. Winter is rapidly approaching and it’s only right that I think about myself and put my health first right?

No point giving you a back story I bought the damn coat.

I thought I’d challenge myself to wear it with something unconventional, mainly inspired by one of my friends because she somehow seems to through anything together and it looks banging, so I was like fuck it. Why not?

Sidenote: I found a genuine LV bag for £2. Let me just end the post here so I don’t scream (again) and throw my laptop out of the window.