Jumper/Dress- Blitz London

Scarf- Bandits (Here)

You know what yeah, I think I’m more happy at the fact that I envisioned this outfit and it kinda came out as planned because lord knows there’s a %97.76 chance that it goes tits up. I wanted to do something extremely simple. A dress, faux fur, and heels. Boom.

In actual fact, this is a jumper I recently snagged but it was long enough to cover my butt so I thought why the hell not get my legs out?! LOL. Yes, it’s very inappropriate weather, buuuuuut there are always evening motives where you’re gonna be indoors right?

I mean, a yung dinner party, a little shindig? Thought so. I think the fur is what gives it that extra sass, it can be worn as a collar over jackets too, to be fair it’s quite versatile. However, my ass likes to be extra and fling it over my me King Jaffe Joffer up in this bizaaatchhh.