You know what was so mad, I genuinely forgot how to log into my account. I was thinking hmm after 17,000 years let me see if I can still navigate this site but it turns out I can’t lmao.

Anyhoo, I wouldn’t say I gave up blogging, I just took a wild break because frankly I couldn’t be bothered and with Instagram creeping up it was inevitable that blogs were going to die out because IG is so much easier. But yes, I just wanted to pop up and say one of the reasons I was away is because I launched my own denim brand.


Hold your applause, thanks.


If you’d been following me long enough you would know that I have shredding denim since like 2014, and this year I thought: fuck it, let me actually turn it into something serious. Which by the grace of God I successfully did, yeah wild. These pictures are now super old, but if you follow the actual IG account @rzrdenim you can see what else I’ve been up to. Mans about now, get me!

Only now typing I forgot how much I miss uploading posts.

Do people even read my shit?