Stick Up

Faux Fur Gilet- Bandits (Here)


The reason I was so giggly in the photos is that everyone who was present this day were shocked to see me glammed up because these days my life consists of trousers and tracksuits 90% of the time.

It’s just a quick on here as the gilet pretty much speaks for itself. I got it from Bandits- same place as the faux fur scarf I posted up a little while back. I tend to find that with their pieces they work really well as the ‘cherry on top of an outfit’ if that even makes sense lmao, this time around I wanted to dress it down a little. I would probably wear this to a friends birthday or something that requires me to look nice without using too much effort- the British dream.

I mayyyyy try creating another look that’s a bit more dolled up, I originally wanted to try it out with ripped jeans, heels, and a vest top but then I actually came to my senses because you know..its winter kmt.

However, I still might give it a go. That’s if my sister doesn’t steal it off me.