Tone Deaf

Leather Jacket- Thrifted (£10)

Mesh Leotard- Ann Summers

Dress- Zara

Shoes- Pretty Little Thing

I’m more surprised you guys can’t see the rage in my face, because literally a few seconds before I started shooting I had got off the phone with my sister who was grassing up my daughter- *Motherly Duties Activated*

Then as I was shooting it started raining, (you can see the drops on the floor in the last pic) so I had to run to into the car. This post was a mess, British weather is trash and it was by the grace of God that I even got these four good shots LOL.

I bought this jacket back in 2014/15 can’t even remember and if you followed my old blog you’d see how shit I styled it (thinking I looked like a badgyal). Thankfully times have changed so I challenged myself again to see how I could pull this off. It’s really hard to make work.

I guess it looks nice in pictures- like my shoes that I cannot walk in to save my life (:

No pain, no gain innit.